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October 25th, 2003

12:13 am
Ahh yes, another fun day.

Did almost nothing today, except drive back from Iowa. Fun and long. My ass went numb again. Yay.

Picked up a new CD today, it's a collection of great songs by Pete Seeger. Talkin' Union is one of the best songs ever, and the best lines from it are at the bottom of this update.

Also, met up with the kids tonight to plan more for the Rock Against Rape concert. This shit is gonna rock. Against rape, even. Proceeds are going to various local womens groups.

And, I made a great organizing lead at the restaurant tonight. More on that later.

Sunday, I'm spending the day in Chi going through IWW Organizer Training. For the One Big Union!

And now, the aforementioned quote:

And the boss will think he's pretty slick,
He'll think he's got your Union licked,
Till he looks out his window, and what does he see?
A thousand pickets, and they all agree:

Off to sleep.

I feel lonely.
Current Mood: M'eh
Current Music: Pete Seeger - Solidarity Forever!

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October 23rd, 2003

11:22 pm
I'm in Iowa, watching porn and drinking with three girls and a guy named Rob.

This is funny, since we're pretty much MST3King this whole flick. Good times, good times.

Back to drinking.

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09:05 pm - Iowa Sucks!
I'm in Iowa right now.

I know, you all envy me sooooo much.

But yeah, I'm drinking. This is fun. It's almost time for a smoke.

Fun, right?

Anyways, Allison and I decided to take a break for awhile today, kinda give me sometime to think about what I want, and want to do with myself.


Time to smoke. Lemme alone.

Snoogans,. I'm going soap boxing tomorrow for Take Back Your Time Day (timeday.org. Everyonme should, dammit. Let's change this shit, and get ourselves some fewer hours!!!

Bye bye!

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October 20th, 2003

12:24 am
Man, my finger hurts.

And I'm an asshole.

And everyone should check these out:
Read things here - No. 1
Buy things here - No. 2
And add links here - No. 3

So yeah. Do it, Doug.

Ow. It's hard to type.

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October 19th, 2003

04:18 pm
Wow... I just had my first smoke of the day... I woke up at 1pm.

I got a buzz. I haven't gotten a buzz of smoking since I started 6 or 7 years ago.

It felt wierd.

Now I have to finish websites.

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October 14th, 2003

11:04 pm
Went to Take Back the Night. That was fun.

Hung out with local activisty types tonight. Even more fun (finally, people to talk to!!!).

Now, I'm here. And I have to work tomorrow. I hate my job.

I hope I get this apartment.

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October 13th, 2003

01:18 am
Man, this was the quickest I've ever reinstalled windows, and done it without any problems.

I rock so hard it ain't even funny.

Off to bed.

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October 12th, 2003

11:05 pm
Why am I such an asshole? I really am, for those of you who don't know me.

Blah blah blah.

I've been making alot of stuff lately. Lotsa bumper stickers. If anyone wants one, comment and I'll tell ya all about them. They're groovy, and political!

I want this apartment. It'd be so rad.

And I need to pee again (I always have to pee after I update. Wow).

Then, I begin trying to reinstall Windoze 98. Stupid crappy OS's.

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October 10th, 2003

11:28 pm
It's about time I update this thing again.

I'll soon have a new apartment again. Boy and Danny roxor my soxors. More details soon.

I've not had much of a personal life lately, as I've mostly been sitting around spewing out fliers, pamphlets, websites and the like. I need to get out more. Me bored.

I need a new job, but what else is new?

Life's pretty boring all in all. I really hope we get this one place we're looking at, it's so sweet and cheap.

I need to reformat this computer, and soon. It's so fucked right now. I really need AIM to keep in touch with some people.

Why is everyone moving to Pilsen? I did it first, dammit! You're all posers.

And yeah, I still want to travel. It's so fun. But if I get this place, then the friends I made on the road could come out here, as well as anyone else that really wants to for that matter. Mmmm... punkhouses.

I gotta pee and watch some Family Guy and Fututrama. Now. Snoogans.

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October 4th, 2003

12:06 am - blah blah blah
I totally need to update this more.

I'm bored lately. I've been writing zines and stuff to kill time.

I need more to do; my job no longer really holds interest for me, I want to move out of my house and get an apartment again, and I need more money.

I don't really have anything to update about, I just sort of feel like typing.

I wanna travel more. A good friend (I need more of those) brought up the idea of travelling town to town for a week doing some organizing... I really want to do that. God, do I want to do that.

I'm just realizing more and more that I haven't really accomplished anything... at all, really. It gets me somewhat depressed, but not too badly. I guess that's why I'm getting into the IWW so hardcore, union organizing is a way to bring about immediate change and improvement to our lives. But I digress...

I guess I'm gonna go check my email again, and hope someone anyone wants to talk to me...

I really need to stop spending time alone... it makes me think, then I get down again. Ugh. Stupid brain.

And it's cold out, which means the CD player in my vehicle quits working... so I get stuck choosing between any number of really crappy radio stations. But I'm becoming addicted to NPR. Damn you, Public Radio and your engaging and intelligent content!!!!

I can't stress it enough, I really want to travel, just this time with closer friends than before.

And stream of consciousness typing is not my strong point, oddly enough. :-P

Man, life is boring. I'm gonna go pee.

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